A true olive FAN

“I love Spanish Olives because they are juicy, fleshy and very versatile, they adapt to all our desi flavours amazingly”.

Saransh Goila is a young and dynamic celebrity chef who has become one of India’s top Super Chef.

Saransh lives for food and Indian cuisine lies at his heart. Yet being an enthusiast for healthy food and traveling has made him embrace the versatile olives grown on Spanish soil – and it has been since love at first sight and endless source of inspiration.

His keen sense of flavours told him that this juicy fruit had the potential to be a fitting ingredient for Indian palates and Indian cooking. Saransh relishes experimenting with Spanish olives and Indian spices to create healthy and quick olive snacks with truly Indian flavours. And loves going hands on integrating olives in the Indian traditional recipes.

Follow the journey of Saransh with Olives from Spain to marry the Spanish Olive with Indian cooking and discover Saransh’s choice recipes.

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