Olives From Spain took part in the 15th Uppercrust Food and Wine show in Mumbai

When it comes to flavor, texture and versality, few foods can compare to olives from Spain. A common ingredient used in Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern cuisines, this little cured fruit is fast becoming popular among Indian chefs, home cooks and food connoisseurs for its delightful taste.

For a fourth year in a row, Olives from Spain targets India as a key market for international promotional campaigns. One of the main activities has been the participation at the 15th Uppercrust Food & Wine Show celebrated the 8th, 9th and 10th of December in Mumbai. Uppercrust Food and Wine show visitors indulged themselves in a party of flavours trying a wide variety of products and food brands. Among them, Olives from Spain became notorious with the Spanish olives offered to taste and enjoy, marinated with Indian spices and condiments. The three different types of marinades offered were Mulagapodi Olives, green Spanish olives spiced with south Indian gunpowder, Orange and Chat Masala black Spanish Olives, and Spicy Peanut and Pimento olives, for red pepper stuffed Spanish olives.

Chef Saransh Goila also shared his culinary skills and knowledge to an enthusiastic audience in his two Masterclasses, presenting two Indian recipes with the taste and texture of Spanish olives in them. The first one was on Friday evening, when he delighted the non-veg visitors cooking mustard prawns with a green olive rice poha. In his second Masterclass on Saturday, he cooked a delicious and vegetarian Jackfruit biryani with black and green Spanish olives giving the dish a juicy appetizing variation.

Through a questionnaire made to 113 of the visitors, it was revealed that 59% of them felt like they ‘had discovered a new product’, Spanish olives. Out of which 95% of them stated that they ‘liked it’ Moreover, those attending the Masterclasses found the recipes very useful to be cooked at home and it was a source of inspiration for them.