Olives From Spain: For those who play

If there is one thing that defines sportspeople across the world, whether professionals, amateurs or those following a hobby, it is their passion for fitness. And more specifically, their nutrition. After all, along with regular exercise and practice, it is what you eat that largely defines your performance on the field. Of late, there is a snack that is gaining popularity amongst the sporting tribe and is increasingly making its way into gym kits and sports bags. And that is, OLIVES FROM SPAIN. When it comes to a quick, energizing snack in between a workout or a full day of practice, there are only a few things that can boast about being low in fat but high in nutrients. OLIVES FROM SPAIN take the top spot here. Not to forget how delicious they are! Flavourful, delicate and freshy, OLIVES FROM SPAIN are packed with the goodness of vitamins E, A and c, and minerals like Calcium, Iron and Magnesium. Low in fatty content, you can have the pleasure of taking them as a snack. They contain around 150 kilocalories per 100 grams of monounsaturated fats, the good fats required to strengthen the natural armor of the body. PDF for read more